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April 2016

Safety Alert

Issued from Petzl for:
Petzl ASAP Lock

Petzl immediate actions:
  • We have inspected our inventory and have not found cracked ASAP LOCK arms.
  • We have audited the ASAP LOCK production plant. The quality inspectors who inspect each individual ASAP LOCK before packaging have never seen this issue.
  • We have begun a technical investigation to determine the cause of this exceptional event.

FACT: MARCH, 30 2016 - During routine equipment inspections one customer detected cracks on the stainless steel arms on three ASAP LOCK. These three defective products will be returned to Petzl for analysis.
Petzl recommendations for ASAP Lock in service:
  • Regularly inspect your ASAP LOCK in accordance with the ASAP LOCK PPE checking procedure
  • A cracked arm presents no additional immediate risk to the user. However, as with any PPE, the presence of such a crack requires an immediate retirement of the product
  • In the unlikely event you find a cracked arm, retire your ASAP LOCK immediately and contact your local distributor for a replacement under warranty.
  • ASAP (B71 AAA) is not concerned by these recommendations.

Petzl corrective actions

As an immediate measure of precaution, technical modifications will be implemented on the manufacturing process of the ASAP LOCK:

  • Adjustment of the riveting parameters to eliminate potential residual tensile stress in the stainless steel parts.
  • Adjustment of the heat treatment parameters of the stainless steel parts to reduce rigidity of the material.

Future Actions:

  • As soon as we receive the products in question, we will send them out for metallurgic analysis, in order to confirm the investigation hypothesis. We will also perform dynamic tests on the ASAP LOCK. This complementary analysis may initiate other corrective actions.
  • Petzl continues to investigate the potential causes of these cracks, and will communicate its findings as soon as possible.


Petzl is committed to continuously improve its products to serve the communities with high quality tools and continue to earn the trust of its customers. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this issue may create. We commit to do our best to solve quickly this problem.  

Please click the link below for full information:

March 2016

Safety Alert

Issued from Singing Rock for:

Expert II/Seamaster/Tarzan Harnesses


It has come to our attention that an extremely small quantity (0.00005% = 1 out of 2 million) of COBRA buckles (used in some Signing Rock Harnesses) may have rivets that have not been press fixed.


This results in the rivets being loose risking the release clips detaching. As we are dedicated to the 100% function, performance, quality and safety of products distributed by DM Standen we ask you to read and action the following.


We ask all our clients and end users to confirm acknowledgement of this notice by return email so we can provide you with the transaction history for your account, and complete a visual check on the harness buckles as below:

If you notice a buckle that is NOT riveted or you do have any concerns, STOP USING the product immediately and get in contact with us:



Phone: 09 837 7100


We would like to apologise for the inconvenience and are kindly asking for your understanding.



The DM Standen Team

Technical Information regarding the harness AVAO BOD CROLL October 9th 2013

Following feedback from two rope access users in the last six months, we have decided to implement a minor
improvement to the AVAO BOD CROLL rope access full body harness.

The AVAO BOD CROLL has a quick link connecting the CROLL to the ventral loop of the harness, and is currently assembled with its plastic gate facing towards the user. In very rare and particular conditions- when the harness isn’t loaded but the CROLL is in use, perhaps achievable whilst passing a parapet edge for example, there is a very small potential that the quick link could conflict with the CROLL as shown here.

In order to minimize this possibility even further, from now we have decided to assemble the quick link with the
plastic gate facing away from the user, and will change the technical notices to reflect this. The TOP CROLL will also be included in this update.

If you anticipate that you may face this particular condition with your existing AVAO BOD CROLL, then in order to minimize any potential equipment conflict, our advice is that you simply flip the quick link into the position shown in the image ‘AVAO BOD CROLL after 2013’ below.

For information, the existing quick link orientation was made with the introduction of the AVAO BOD CROLL in order to reduce potential rope friction on the gate of the quick link, and to protect the plastic gate from damage or loss by placing it closer to the user. However, with the safety and efficient work of our customers always in mind, we decided to implement this change in production in order to minimize any potential equipment conflicts.

As a reminder, an important part of your ‘Partner Check’ prior to each use is to ensure that all user’s harnesses are correctly adjusted and fitted. Correct harness adjustment can play a significant role in component compatibility.


On Friday, April 12, Petzl was informed of an accidental fall in a training center in Germany. The injured person was moving at height using a Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik. The initial observations have shown that the fall was due to a failure of the rope end attachment hole. Our investigation and further testing lead us to conclude that this failure was the result of a particular configuration of a cantilevered and off axis loaded upper carabiner.

Petzl decisions:
1 - As a measure of precaution, we ask that you stop using your ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik.
2 - This stoppage will remains in place until we have approved and communicated an appropriate

      solution to maximize the safety of ZIGZAG users.
3 - We have decided to stop sales of ZIGZAG mechanical Prusiks.
4 - While there currently may be several solutions to maintain the upper carabiner correctly oriented on

     its major axis, Petzl cannot presently guarantee their effectiveness in all circumstances because we

     have not tested them sufficiently.
5 - Our teams are mobilized to quickly develop and verify a solution specifically for the ZIGZAG to

     maintain the upper carabiner oriented on its major axis.
6 - The availability of this solution will be communicated on by May 22, 2013 at the latest.

Product Saferty Alert, please take a few minutes to read this information, as we will need your assistance.

Product Saferty Alert, please take a few minutes to read this information, as we will need your assistance.

> Download Information here 1.2MB


January 01, 2011

Our new range of wire mesh slings from the USA . 2 & 3 tonnes vertical lifting capacity with standard and choker dee end fittings. Ideal for handling precast concrete.


January 01, 2011

Our new roll swage machine will swage wire from 2mm to 16mm diameter. It’s not just for yacht fittings and will swage any fitting with a maximum diameter before pressing of 28mm.


January 01, 2011

At an evening attended by over 50 arborists, well known NZ cordage manufacturer Donaghys Industries released there new range of arborists rope. The range comprises the Spark and Nrg certified climbing ropes, Response XT access lines armour plus prussic line Rhino / lowering lines and finally Ocean 12 rigging/ lowering lines. We are able to supply these ropes with spliced eyes .

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