Excel Stainless Steel Lifting Chain and Fittings

In circumstances where corrosion can cause problems, the use of stainless steel products is recommended.

Van Beest offers a wide range of stainless steel items in order to assemble a complete sling from the top master link to the hooks. The range extends from up to 6 mm to 13 mm (7/32” to 1/2”).

Items supplied by Van Beest are all manufactured from stainless steel quality AISI 316 or 316L. All stainless steel items have an equivalent in a grade 8 quality. The master links, eye hooks and eye nuts have a flat part to make the assembly with the omega link (COI) easier. These components are generally stamped with following marks:

  • manufacturer’s identification symbol EXC EL
  • traceability code e.g. Z, pertaining to a particular batch
  • C E conformity code C E, Conformité Européen indicating that the product is suitable for lifting purposes
  • item code e.g. COI
  • chain diameter in mm and/or inch e.g. 13 and/or 1/2”
  • origin FRANCE

Stainless steel items are generally polished.

Upon request, all the stainless steel items can be supplied with a works certificate and/or EC Declaration of conformity. Some items can also be supplied with a manufacturer test certificate and/or a 3.1 certificate. We refer to the detailed product information on the next pages.

Instructions for use:
All stainless steel items should be inspected before use to ensure that:
• all markings are legible
• all items are free from nicks, gouges and cracks
• items with the correct Working Load Limit have been selected with respect to the sling design i.e. the load to be lifted, the number of legs in the sling, the top angle etc. For further details, we refer to EN818, norm for chain slings
• items may not be heat treated as this may affect their Working Load Limit
• never repair or reshape an item by welding, heating or bending as this may affect the Working Load Limit
• master links and the other items of the sling are all identifiable as being in stainless steel and for lifting purposes
• items should be used for straight in line loading only, this in order to avoid bending
• items are not distorted or unduly worn

It is required that the products are regularly inspected and that the inspection should take place minimally in accordance with the
safety standards given in the country of use. This is required because the products in use may be affected by wear, misuse, overloading, etc. with a consequence of deformation and alteration of the material structure.
Inspection by a competent person should take place at least every six months and even more frequently when the components are
used in severe operating conditions.

Working Load Limit table for stainless steel chain slings: