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Harness Accessory


Caritool P42 - P42 L
  • Tools accessed and organised with one hand
  • Flat top aids in sorting attached gear
  • Small hole on top for attaching keeper cord, prevent dropping critical gear
  • Slips through the waistbelt slots or along the harness webbing and stays in place, thanks to stabilizing clip
  • Available in two sizes:
- CARITOOL (P42): maximum load: 5 kg, weight: 25 g
- CARITOOL L (P42 L): maximum load: 15 kg, weight: 60 g

This tool holder is not PPE


Footpro C49
Adjustable webbing foot loop
• Used with a rope clamp for ascending a rope.
• Easy length adjustment with the DoubleBack buckle.
• Under foot strap is abrasion resistant and allows for easy step-in.

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Tool Strops

Tool Spyder
The Tool Spider™ was designed to satisfy the need for elastic lanyards and to help reduce the frequency of dropped tools and worker injuries.

The Tool Spider™ is elastic and attaches to a harness or waist belt. This allows easy mobility and flexibility when reaching out with hand tools.

The Tool Spider™ has a maximum safe working capacity of 15 pounds.

WDTS 18/30
Capacity : 15lbs

WDTS 18/30 30 SG
Capacity : 30lbs

Capacity : 3lbs