Red Winch 'King of the Palace 2016'

Check out the video from Easter Weekend's Red Winch 'King of the Palace 2016' competition, supported by the team at DM Standen. 

Safety Alert
 April 2016

Issued from Petzl for:
Petzl ASAP Lock

Petzl immediate actions:
  • We have inspected our inventory and have not found cracked ASAP LOCK arms.
  • We have audited the ASAP LOCK production plant. The quality inspectors who inspect each individual ASAP LOCK before packaging have never seen this issue.
  • We have begun a technical investigation to determine the cause of this exceptional event.

FACT: MARCH, 30 2016 - During routine equipment inspections one customer detected cracks on the stainless steel arms on three ASAP LOCK. These three defective products will be returned to Petzl for analysis.
Petzl recommendations for ASAP Lock in service:
  • Regularly inspect your ASAP LOCK in accordance with the ASAP LOCK PPE checking procedure
  • A cracked arm presents no additional immediate risk to the user. However, as with any PPE, the presence of such a crack requires an immediate retirement of the product
  • In the unlikely event you find a cracked arm, retire your ASAP LOCK immediately and contact your local distributor for a replacement under warranty.
  • ASAP (B71 AAA) is not concerned by these recommendations.

Petzl corrective actions

As an immediate measure of precaution, technical modifications will be implemented on the manufacturing process of the ASAP LOCK:

  • Adjustment of the riveting parameters to eliminate potential residual tensile stress in the stainless steel parts.
  • Adjustment of the heat treatment parameters of the stainless steel parts to reduce rigidity of the material.

Future Actions:

  • As soon as we receive the products in question, we will send them out for metallurgic analysis, in order to confirm the investigation hypothesis. We will also perform dynamic tests on the ASAP LOCK. This complementary analysis may initiate other corrective actions.
  • Petzl continues to investigate the potential causes of these cracks, and will communicate its findings as soon as possible.


Petzl is committed to continuously improve its products to serve the communities with high quality tools and continue to earn the trust of its customers. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this issue may create. We commit to do our best to solve quickly this problem.  

Please click the link below for full information:

New 2016 Petzl Products in stock now! 

Non-locking version is designed for use as a directional point on the ASCENSION handled rope clamp during short rope ascents.

  • Keylock system prevents any accidental snagging of the carabiner when putting the pulley in place

  • gate opening on the pulley side facilitates installation of the rope when the pulley is fixed to the anchor

  • may be used with a CAPTIV positioning bar to favor loading of the carabiner along its major axis and to limit the risk of it flipping

  • sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings for excellent efficiency

(TRI-LOCK Version is to come but not yet released)

 Vertex Vent/Vertex Best in Hi Vis Yellow

Auckland Art Gallery Exhibition

'Hardly Held Lightly'

Artist: John Ward Knox

DM Standen was proud to supply the products used in Knox's Hardly Held Lightly exhibition, on display in Auckland City's Albert Park. The New Zealand Herald reported T.J. McNamara reported on the work:


Knox weaves webs of surprise

"A short while ago John Ward Knox made a beautiful sculpture and showed it high in a corner of a dealer gallery. An intricate spiderweb made in fine silver chain, it was much admired. 

Now the Auckland Art Gallery is showing three such works by Knox, linking their sculpture terrace with Albert Park, but these webs have needed a kilometre of commercial chain. One connects a massive old oak to the terrace. Another is an arch between two trees, and the third is closely linked to the structure of the building. The chains have the magic of surprise hidden in the leafage of the park. They are done with scientifc accuracy and unexpected natural variations in the net pattern. The basic chains that are the anchoring strands are brass in contrast to the bright shine of the web.

Together they make the most stunning and imaginative public work of art to grace the city for some time."

Crane Association Weighload Trophy Winners 2015

For outstanding service to the Crane Association this year's winner of the Weighload Trophy was the late Gifford Linder.

Giff is the second individual to have been awarded the trophy twice since its inception in 1985.

The award was introduced to be presented annually by Crane Accessories Limited, to the 'company or individual who has given outstanding service to the [Power] Crane Association of New Zealand Inc'.

Back in 2004 Giff was presented with the trophy acknowledging his work in completing the Crane Safety Manual alongside industry colleague, Maurice Coffey.

The award was presented at the national Crane Association conference in Tauranga and was accepted by Sam Linder, Giff's son and Managing Director of DM Standen.