Wire Rope

What is Wire Rope - PDF Documents

Standen Catalogue 07-06-07 3.pdf Strand Construction
Standen Catalogue 07-06-07 4.pdf Preforming, Wire Rope Lay, Cores, Galvanising
Standen Catalogue 07-06-07 5.pdf Uncoiling and Unreeling, Measuring
Standen Catalogue 07-06-07 6.pdf Sheaves and Drums
Standen Catalogue 07-06-07 7.pdf Care and Maintenance, Handling

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DM Standen Ltd has been supplying and distributing wire rope since 1978. Apart from the distribution of wire rope, our personnel can supply guidance to users on the correct usage and selection of wire rope.

We offer a service ranging from the supply of cut lengths through to wire ropes fitted with any of our full range of attachments.

We are able to source a wide range of alternative rope types to suit your requirements. Weights and typical minimum break loads are to be used as guides only to assist with the selection of an appropriate rope when taking into account suitable safety factors.

Wire Rope